Yeah !

At last ! I found the correct packet driver for my network card ! Yeepee !
I've got wattcp working ok. I can use ssh, lynx, ...

Now, my goal is to share files easily between my file server and my
brand new freedos station.
On my file server I have samba running, also nfs, and I can put an ftp server.
I red the freedos networking howto and I googled a lot but I was
unable to find a suitable solution yet.
Here are my options (in preference order) and my failures :

1) NFS :
The best for me would be to mount a nfs share to a drive letter on my
dos station.
It would be the ideal solution but I could not find an nfs client so far.
Does someone knows if it exists ?

2) SMB :
I tried the msclient with no luck.
Besides, I heard it uses a lot of memory and I guess it could be a
nightmare to setup
with the different smb versions out there. So I dropped this option.

3) RSYNC (over ssh ?) :
Rsync could be cool, even if I don't use it to browse files on my file
server, I could use it
to make backups of my dos station to my file server.
Has rsync been ported to dos ?

4) HTTP:
This is what I currently use, I drop some files on the /var/www of my
file server and I fetch them
with lynx on my dos box or with wget. Of course I would like a better solution.

5) FTP :
Well I've got an ftp client on my dos station but no gui. My goal is
to have an easy way to browse
files on my file server, not by using an ftp command line driven
client. Is there any ftp client with a
file commander like gui ?

6) Any suggestion ?

Thanks !

Fabien Meghazi


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