Hi Ron,

If you downloaded fdfullcd.iso from
then you got it from the official location.

On 1/20/08, Ron Spruell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well I must have done something wrong, which isn't beyond me.<BG> I
> downloaded an image file from somewhere called fdfullcd.iso and using that I
> burnt a cd. Where can I find the program or the official web site to down
> load the right version? Well I booted from it but it had boot errors so I
> had to steop them and skip the problem statements but it made the cd drive
> A: if I remember correctly and the A: drive c: and It did not list my two
> hard drives. Well I had to step thru the boot files because as it booted it
> have a couple of errors so I stepped thru and bye passed the ones that was
> giving the problem and got it to boot. But then it did what I already told
> you about the drives "maybe needing a driver for the drives I have don't
> know enough" and it did not have my 2 hard drives listed and changed the
> other two as I have already stated. Then I went looking on the cd for the
> sys.ini auto.exe.bat config.sys and other boot files which is obvious I
> dodn't know what boot files free dos uses and couldn't find them. Know they
> have to be there somewhere but maybe I was looking for the wrong file names.
> When I found them I was going to take out the problem boot statements after
> I re-burned Free Dos on a rewriteable CD. Well as I said I couldn't find
> them don't know what to look for and am stumped unless you can shed some
> light on these problems.
> Ron Spruell Sr.

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