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Instead of saying "search the web to find out", I prefer
telling the news directly and by mail ;-). So here is a
cut and paste from the readme file provided by Japheth:

01/30/2008: v5.70

 - bugfix: the "copy memory" routine wasn't reentrant, making an XMS
   "block move" or a call of Int 15h, ah=87h from within an ISR slightly

 - bugfix: int 67h, ah=57h returned error 8Ah instead of 93h when a
   region exceeded the size of the EMS handle.

 - bugfix: int 67h, ah=57h accepted any region type (just 00 and 01 are
   valid ones).

 - bugfix: int 67h, ax=5701h accepted overlapping EMS regions. Now status
   97h is returned.

 - bugfix: since v5.61 (support for mappable pages in conventional memory)
   option NODYN often failed to make all memory available which was
   requested with the MIN=x option.

 - bugfix: exception 11h in v86-mode caused a loop in Jemm's exception

 - bugfix: due to an alignment problem the low byte of max. free memory
   block for XMS v2 (X2MIN) was 0, as a result the default block size was
   65280 (0xFF00) instead of 65535 kB (JemmEx only, bug since v5.64).

 - int 67h,ax=5701h, "memory exchange" is now also done with interrupts
   enabled if client's interrupt flag is set.

 - port 60h access is now trapped only if the keyboard controller's output
   port is accessed.

 - tool XMSSTAT and source of EMSSTAT added.

Homepage is: www.japheth.de/Jemm.html

The forum discussion suggests that most of the bugfixes
in jemm386 5.70 fix minor or rarely occurring bugs :-).


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