Sorry for being a bit offtopic, as this news isn't really FreeDOS-related...

I made a TTF font which is exactly the same as the standard DOS/FreeDOS font. 
I redrawn each glyph using FontForge (a nice Linux font tool), and took the 
FreeDOS *.cpi files as models. I named the font "DOS/EGA".

It's a vectorised TrueType font, therefore it may be used in any 
size/resolution, in any TTF-enabled operating system. Personally, I am using 
it when I want to print some source code, and have it set as default in my 
notepad :-)

The TTF is in Unicode-BMP encoding, and I included as much glyphs as I could. 
It supports the following languages: english, polish, french, german, and 
maybe czech, spanish and some others too (I do not checked what glyphs are 
needed for other languages).

Anyway, the download is here: http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/dos/dosega.zip (11 

Mateusz Viste

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