Debug v1.11 is out. 7 bugs have been fixed (same as in Jemm v5.70 - seems to 
become my new "standard"). Also, debugx can now display floating point 
registers much nicer. So this update is highly recommended - at least for 
those who still know what DEBUG is good for.

     1.11 [06 February 2008]
         - bugfix: debugger lost debuggee's HiWord(EFL) in real-mode.
         - bugfix: if debuggee set CR0 AM bit and EFL AC flag, an
           exception 11h occured in the debugger.
         - DEBUGX bugfix: G command was unable to set/restore breakpoints if
           HiWord(EIP) wasn't clear.
         - DEBUGX bugfix: U ignored HiWord of argument's offset part.
         - DEBUGX bugfix: E ignored HiWord of argument's offset part.
         - DEBUGX bugfix: M didn't accept first argument's offset > FFFF.
         - DEBUGX bugfix: running in NTVDM and pressing Ctrl-C while debuggee
           is in protected-mode no longer drops to real-mode.
         - DEBUGX: RN now renders floating point register content properly
           (DEBUG still just displays raw hex format for size reasons).
         - DEBUGX: DI got an optional 'count' parameter.
         - DEBUGX: D default segment part is checked if it is valid in pmode
           and changed to value of client's DS if no.


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