Hi Spiro,

> I remember i posted a while back about using a part of MPXPlay as a TSR
> for Newer PCs with AC'97 Based Cards that are not the 2 cards only
> supported by the AC '97 Original DOS Driver...

I think you mean the VIA onboard sound DOS driver when you say
the "ac97 original dos driver"? The VIA chips have some hardware
support for sb16 style access, so the driver is not really ac97.

> But has anyone done this before?

The drivers for sbpci and sblive do this - they use vm86 (similar
to how emm386 does paging and dma support for DOS) to create the
illusion of a sb16 sound card for DOS, but forwarding the sound
to the ac97 sblive/sbpci hardware at the same time. I assume the
drivers only work with actual sblive/sbpci, but I do not know if
people tried to trick them into working with other ac97 chips.

On the open source side, dosemu (and others) also creates the
illusion of a sb16 sound card for dos, but forward the sound
to the Linux (typically alsa-project.org) sound drivers, not
directly to the hardware. I think MPXPLAY is a good choice if
you need open source drivers for AC97 and HDA sound chips which
can run in DOS. But it is hard to tell how hard it would be to
create a JEMM386 plugin which features both DOSEMU style sb16
simulation and MPXPLAY style ac97/hda drivers. Of course such
a driver would be very useful for everybody who wants to run
DOS games in raw DOS, outside emulators :-). Problem would be
that emm386-incompatible games cannot be supported. There may
also be an easier way: Newer games tend to support interfaces
for pluggable sound drivers anyway, so you avoid the effort to
create a virtual sb16.

> Also, My Network card is an Intel PRO T100VE or something, i installed
> the ODI Packet Driver from Crynwr, and WATTCP is Setup but Arachne says
> "No Packet Driver Detected on 0x60" so how can i get arachne to...

How about asking on some arachne mailing list? ;-)


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