Hi Mateusz,

> I didn't release FDUPDATE in a long time, as I thought people
> were not interested in it...

There is one very interesting use for FDUPDATE: Turning
a FreeDOS 1.0 system into 1.1 :-). Do you have a list of
updates since 1.0 (eg the LSM list on freedos.org or a
list from Rugxulo or Fritz) for that?

As FDUPDATE uses packages zipped in official FreeDOS directory
structure, we could even download the files from your update
server and copy them over the contents of a FreeDOS 1.0 CD
to make a fresh ISO for a FreeDOS 1.1 CD :-). Of course the
latter will also require some tuning to fix a few known bugs
in the 1.0 installer to make a really nice 1.1 ;-).


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