Hi Oleg, John,

thanks for contacting me. I did use online and offline
handbooks for writing the ESC/P mode of GRAPHICS, but
it seems nobody tested it back then (and I myself only
had a HP PCL printer). Only this year, somebody told
me GRAPHICS would print an empty page for ESC/P, but
he refused to help me to figure out why...

GRAPHICS (the GRAPHPIN part of it) can do both 120x60
(on real 9pin: 120x72) dpi 8 pin modes (in /C mode)
as well as 180x180 dpi 24 pin mode.

I use the following sequences, ESC=char(27), CR=char(13),
LF=char(10), FF=char(12), lo = /C mode, hi = normal mode:

Init: Set line spacing
  lo: ESC A char(8) CR LF
  hi: ESC 3 char(24) CR LF

Bitmap: Send one block of pixels
  lo, 31 columns 8 rows:  ESC L char(31) char(0)
  hi, 70 columns 24 rows: ESC * char(39) char(70) char(0)

Finish: Reset spacing, eject
  both: ESC 0 FF CR LF

> > What namely does not work? ~2 years ago I tried GRAPHICS, but
> > got bad results [on Epson LX300]...

If you had told me, I could have repaired it 2 years ago... ;-)


PS: When I wrote GRAPHICS, I used DOSEMU to grab the printed data.
I can send you examples of the PostScript output for testing on
real printers, but it looked okay in ghostscript GV ;-). As for
the ESC/P part, I tested by writing a minimal simulation of such
a printer, with PNG output. So if that is broken, so is GRAPHICS.

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