We're trying to produce an EXE file to drive a Moxa RS485 card.

We've managed to get Borland Turbo C 2.0 to compile a large model test file 
without error, but we need to link to an OBJ file provided by the manufacturer 
of the card.

How do we tell the Borland development environemt that we need to link to this 

We know that the object file contains the externals we need, because if we 
TLINK to the OBJ at the command line they get resolved, but if we link at the 
command line, printf and various other parts of the C libraries aren't getting 
resolved, and just linking to CL.LIB wasn't enough to resolve all the externls 
that seem to be needed.  It will probably be simplest if we can find out how to 
do it from within the development environment.

Can anybody help please ?

Many thanks !  Simon.

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