> Hi :-)
>> v1.13 of FD Debug is available: http://www.japheth.de/debxxf.html.
>> v5.71 of Jemm is available: http://www.japheth.de/jemm.html.
>> Both are just bugfix releases, and the bugs fixed are minor.
> Nice,

Thanks for your kind remark! :)

> but could you update the two readme files on your
> homepage anyway, so we can read some information about
> the changes?


> While you are busy anyway, it would be nice
> if you could even cut and paste those 2 changelog entries
> into a reply to this mail on this mailing list ;-).

Sorry, no. "cut and paste" are things from the Windoze/Loonix world and have 
no reason to exist in DOS.

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