Hi Geekdude!

>  i have freedos 1 and every so often it will decide not to let me
> execute any programs. cd, dir and most internal commands work, but if
> i tell it to run a program it returns a prompt without any errors and
> does nothing. the i restart and it runs fine again.

I know this problem, but Blairdude (who is the current expert
for FreeCOM command.com) says he cannot reproduce it. So it
would help us a lot if you could try to find a way to make
the "every so often" happen more often or maybe even at more
predictable moments, then Blairdude could analyze and repair
that problem :-).

As a kind of second choice workaround, you could use 4dos
instead of FreeCOM command.com as the SHELL. The 4dos for
DOS is now free and open source :-). But please try to
help Blair and FreeDOS with some hints about that "stops
to execute programs" problem first. Thanks... :-).


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