Hi Andrew,

> Am using latest FreeDOS 1.0 version, from BASECD.iso.
> When I try 1 & 2 options, Turbo C++ 3.0 commandline compiler
> reboots my Bochs. When I load option 3, then Turbo C++ 3.0
> commandline compiler works 100%, compiles all my graphics
> example code and the built exe runs perfectly.

Options 1 and 2 are with EMM386. Try replacing EMM386 EXE and
use the updated JEMM386 EXE from www.japheth.de - that might
be more compatible to your Bochs. Do also read the docs - if
you find that you need specific command line options to make
JEMM386 behave right, please let us know which ones you needed.

> However I want to load Turbo C++ 3.0 IDE aswell.
> None of the options 1, 2, 3 were able to load Turbo C++
> 3.0 IDE. I type tc.exe and nothing happens. I just see
> the command prompt again.

This is a known problem: The IDE says it wants, say, 1.2 MB
of DOS RAM. It expects DOS to give it 0.2 MB (the part after
the decimal point) and a DOS extender to give it 1 MB more.
FreeDOS 1.0 simply reasoned "you do not have 1.2 MB free in
your 640 kB of DOS memory, so the IDE cannot run". However,
there is a simple fix for this: Please use the KERNEL SYS of
a newer version, for example http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/
instead of your normal kernel sys (in the root directory).
Newer versions are aware of the exotic style of the TC3 IDE
and can run it without problems :-).


PS: The TC3 IDE issue is also explained in more detail in
our bugzilla database, see the "bugs" link on our homepage.

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