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Roberto iw2evk

Milan (ITALY)

ikongui wrote:
> Hi, I am working on a GUI for dos.
> Features
> ----------
> 32-bit cooperative multitasking
> vesa graphics
> internet support (browser, mail client, web server)
> Other apps include: editor, file manager, gif,jpg,bmp viewer.
> Truetype font support.
> Libraries used are Allegro and Watt32. If you want the network support you
> would of course need a packet driver (a few are included with Ikon). It is
> currently under ongoing development and is in alpha testing for now. Many
> of the included apps are really very basic. The web browser is terrible
> and ugly, but it does work.
> Anyway, go check out The download isn't
> there yet because I want to get a couple more things fixed before I zip up
> a copy for public consumption. License is freeware.
> My apoligies to anyone who takes offense and considers this SPAM, but I
> wasn't to sure where else to post this.

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