Hi Roberto,

> it's possible patch in kernel or freecom this problem caused a
> problem when arachne work under freedos?

> copy $eapm.htp+$esystem\\apm.db\\*.htm $2>NUL

This is a known bug in FreeCOM command.com (not in the kernel).
See the bugzilla items about the problem:

> June 2005: "More-to-one" Incompatibility with MS COPY
(in MS DOS command.com, you can say "copy /b *.txt out.all" to append)

> March 2005: copy does not preserve original file date nor appends
(in MS DOS command.com, you can say "copy /b input + modified" to
append the input file to the output file, but FreeCOM only supports
saying "copy /b input1 + input2 output" to concat inputs into output)

Unfortunately, things like "performance on systems without XMS"
seem to have higher priority than a fully functional COPY, and
putting all functionality into COPY really is a complex task...

Anyway. You are welcome to add your comment to the existing
Bugzilla items about the problem, or maybe add some bribe in
the form of a pizza for Blair to get COPY fixed for you ;-).

In the meantime, because the problem is kind of "notorious" in
FreeDOS, try one of the existing workarounds: You can use CAT
and >> to append things, or you can try my special concatenate-
to-append tool. Search the www for tiny-file-append--concat.zip

Feel free to forward the bugzilla URLs, suggestions, etc to the
Arachne people, but as usual, do not mention my email in spambot
parseable form on mailing lists ;-).

Cheers, Eric

PS: Current FreeCOM bug list:
- PowerBasic 2002 issue - MEMORY info and context overflow - DIR
crash with stats overflow (fixed?) - COPY vs timestamps - COPY
vs append - ECHO/TYPE vs control chars - pipe/redir vs BAT - DIR
implicit wildcard compatibility - F8 keyboard buffer thing (??)
- DIR /P screen size on pre-EGA - suspicious close(-1) call

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