> Since i have i bit more free time on my hands, I'm
> Going to try to make 
> a TSR and Library Supporting all Audio Cards using
> MPXPlay. Being a noob 
> at DOS Programming, i'd appreciate the help

i am not a programmer but i would suggest that you
make a "sound blaster emulator" similar to this:

virtual sound blaster

it worked for me back then, using pc speaker for sound
output. vsb can also output to parallel port for covox
devices. i tried it again recently but the game i was
playing wanted "sb v2.x". vsb is only v1.x.

i talked to the author and he gave me a link to the

it also includes tasm. i guess what would happen is
"sb emulator" will translate the data for output to
the newer audio hardware like ac97. why sb emulator?
because we cannot rewrite the already existing games
and apps that make use of the SB protocol.

there was a brief discussion similar to this here:

if any of you picks up vsb, please keep the existing
audio output (covox, pc speaker, etc.) because wolf3d
on a 386 with full sound WITHOUT the soundcard is just
too cool.

the author of vsb is  Andrew Zabolotny.

... just two cents from a non programmer.


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