> >>Well... Which tools do you use? Do you mean bootable
> >>diskette images? Or other images?

I use MSDOS and WinImage to make bootabel USB images.

I'm just using Freedod (or trying ot get it installed) for the first time-
and would like to try it on a 1GB USB drive

> >>To get a bootable FreeDOS diskette image, just pick one of the three
> >>disks on http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ ... :-)

Ok- so I guess there's no way to install it to a USB drive from the Full

Is The above URL mentioned on the Freedisk.org site?

I forgot the URL, I think Mark had some docs about Dell tools
> for XP which can install FreeDOS to USB... But I found something
> else in my archive: Last september, Jari Turkia made USB boot
> images with FreeDOS 1.0 ... Enjoy :-)
> http://opensource.contentbakery.fi/freedos/FreeDOS%201.0%20bare_USB.img.bz2
> http://opensource.contentbakery.fi/freedos/FreeDOS%201.0_USB.img.bz2
> opensource.contentbakery.fi/freedos/fdfullcd%20JaTu-version%20w%20USB-drivers.iso.bz2
> Eric
> PS: Of course 1.0 is quite old compared to the Rugxulo distro ;-)
> What is the rugulo distro?

(too many choices)
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