Hi Marco,

> I'm sure Euphoria is the best interpreted
> language available for DOS today...

How about Perl (bloated) or Reginarexx for example? ;-)

> is under active development, and is really
> cross platform DOS/Win/Linux.

The others are also cross platform but I do not
know how active their devel is. Rexx was quite
powerful in PC DOS days compared to Qbasic :-).

> Check the source code of the text editor \bin\ed.ex , It can load
> load the text file to memory in one single array. You can try to
> open really big files with this editor without memory problems.

It would be interesting to try this with FreeBASIC :-)

> To make a similar program with pascal or C you
> will need a lot of complcated memory allocation code.
> Here simply declare a sequence (array), and load each
> line of the file as an element of the array...

Makes me think of Delphi or Java ;-). Or of course use
C or C++ and a 32bit compiler... Still you have your
point: Automatically sized strings are not exactly a
thing in which C is strong...

> in the next release of Freedos.
> Wich is your formal procedure.

There is heavy formal procedure imho. The question
is more when the next release of Freedos will come
into existence. For now, we would need helpers who
can use the LSM list or Rugxulo's list of homepages
to collect dozens of updated apps / packages and
their sources in nicely shaped ZIPs which have the
directory structure needed by FDUPDATE and FDPKG
and our installer. Some already are on the FDUPDATE
homepage but we would definitely need help to get
a collection of ALL or at least "all from the BASE
category". Something like EUPHORIA is not BASE, so
it would have to wait longer: The idea is that it
is easier to make a new ISO with all BASE updates
than an ISO with all updates of all categories, so
the ISO with everything updated will take longer.

As long as EUPHORIA is open source and has some
reasonable size to popularity ratio, I would not
know other reasons to exclude it  apart from the
"we have no new release to add Euphoria to" one.

Any help is welcome :-)


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