for all using #freedos irc.i7c.org theres a netsplit right now and still
ongoing. i tried to contact the admin of the hub thats broken without
sucess. we (the branch thats still alive) decided to remove all dns
entires to the ded one. so withhin 24h (ttl 86400 sec) everything should
be in sync again.
if u want to connect right now please use balamb.i7c.org
sorry for the problems caused.


maussner.net Limited (Niederlassung Deutschland)
(Liebigstrasse 2-20)
22113 Hamburg

Sitz: Hamburg

Amtsgericht Hamburg : HR-Eintrag wurde beantragt
Geschäftsführung: Markus H. Maussner (Geschäftsführer)

maussner.net Limited 69 Great Hampton Street
B18 6EW Birmingham
Registred in England and Wales
Company Nr. 5755161
Managing Director: Markus H. Maussner

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