I am trying to use FreeDOS on a weird old electronic message board,
which is driven by a headless 80286 motherboard. My only access is via
a floppy drive, and I do not have the ability to use a normal VGA
video card. So instead I create a boot disk which writes test results
to a log file.

I need to create a RAMdisk using the spare memory above 640k, but a
large chunk of XMS is being consumed for some unknown purpose.

The standard FreeDOS kernel in FreeDOS 1.0 / fdbasecd.iso doesn't work
on this 286 and hangs during boot. So instead I am using the updated
kernel from:
As mentioned here:

FDCONFIG.SYS looks like this:


AUTOEXEC.BAT looks like this:

mem /c >> log.txt

Log file results:

Modules using memory below 1 MB:

  Name           Total           Conventional       Upper Memory
  --------  ----------------   ----------------   ----------------
  SYSTEM      63,360   (62K)     63,360   (62K)          0    (0K)
  FDXMS286     1,664    (2K)      1,664    (2K)          0    (0K)
  COMMAND      3,296    (3K)      3,296    (3K)          0    (0K)
  Free       586,960  (573K)    586,960  (573K)          0    (0K)

Memory Type        Total       Used       Free
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Conventional          640K        67K       573K
Upper                   0K         0K         0K
Reserved              384K       384K         0K
Extended (XMS)      2,549K     1,689K       860K
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Total memory        3,573K     2,140K     1,433K

Total under 1 MB      640K        67K       573K

Largest executable program size       573K (586,832 bytes)

This log file is mystifying... so there's a total of 2.5 meg XMS
available, but something is consuming 1.6 meg of that?

I need as much free XMS as possible for the RAM disk. How do I find
out what is using that XMS, and how do I free it all up?


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