> Is it possible to include from one config.sys a file config2.sys and
> execute the content of config2.sys right after config.sys?

No. FreeDOS tries to open fdconfig.sys and if that one is not found
it tries config.sys and if that is not found then defaults are used.

You can have a menu system in (fd)config.sys but it has different
syntax than MS DOS config.sys ... Arkady made a patch to support both
FreeDOS and MS DOS syntax but that patch is not in the kernel (guys,
could we add that patch now? Thanks :-)).

A typical config.sys contains some kernel settings and commands
to load drivers or install TSRs. The latter is basically the same
as loading the TSRs from any batch file such as autoexec. It can
be tricky to modify kernel settings after boot... However, you CAN
load drivers from any batch file or the command prompt with DEVLOAD.
You SHOULD not use DEVLOAD for HIMEM or EMM386 as the kernel cannot
make full use of XMS/HMA/EMS/UMB RAM if activated AFTER config.sys

Please let us know if DEVLOAD solves your problem and if not which
other configuration modifications you would like to do with the
help of the suggested "config2.sys" file :-).


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