Florian Xaver schrieb:
>> Unless you have a specific need to boot your PC with FreeDOS, I would
>> recommend running FreeDOS inside Linux DOSEmu. This is mostly how I
>> use FreeDOS these days. It works great.
> Por favor... don't write such words here - because the chief should
> not make it "official", that there "should" be used another operating
> system for FreeDOS.... ;-P Better:  Booting FreeDOS shows how fast and
> powerfull it is, but for beginners it could be easier to test it first
> under Linux... ;-P
> Hasta luego
>  Flo

It`s quite problematic to run FreeDOS on modern hardware. (lack hardware 
and driver support)

In the long run emulation will be the way to keep DOS alive.

Michael Reichenbach

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