Florian Xaver schrieb:
> Hola,
>> What are the reason why someone would use DOS?
>> - just some of my first thoughts, perhaps what I planed to do
>> - classic DOS games
>> - legacy applications
>> - nostalgia
>> - interesting for programmers
>> - easy hardware access
>> - very lightweight, starts very fast
>> - special purpose (backup, scan virus...)
> I am booting in DOS because  it is fast. F.e. I can use MPXPLAY which
> shut down the pc easily after playing. I am also using it in DOSEMU,
> which is great (but no bugless).  Yes, the biggest problem is support
> of sound. And in the near future the "Extensible Firmware Interface".

Afaik the EFI comes with a full legacy BIOS emulation already. Sure we 
can argue first if EFI is good or bad if we use it our self. In theory 
it sounds like many cool things could be implemented (bootmanager in 
BIOS, sb16/gus emulation, mouse/keyboard ps2 emulation...) - if someone 
willing to write extensions.

>> Some BIOS are stupid like mine. It has really no legacy emulation,
>> neither keyboard/mouse nor soundblaster. Blame legacy BIOS, I hope for a
>> good replacement (EFI) will full legacy support. The lucky thing is: I
>> still had adapters.
> Maybe you should make an update of the BIOS?

That`s the only thing I never try myself. To risky, if something goes 
wrong I couldn`t blame anyone but myself.

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