Michael Reichenbach schrieb:
> Eric asked me to post some advertisements for grub4dos.
> If you are interested in multi booting I bet you know gnu grub 1.x, also 
> known as grub legacy. Grub legacy will be no longer developed by the gnu 
>   grub project. Them are now working on grub2 and they have their reasons.
> grub4dos is a fork of grub 1.x legacy. Sure it must follow also GPL. It 
> has some exclusive features:
> - it has all features grub also has (example: chainloading other mbr is 
> possible)
> - chainloading syslinux/isolinux/memdisk (grub features)
> - booting any linxu/bsd/or w/e (grub features)
> - floppyimage to floppy emulation!
> - iso to virtual CD-ROM emulation!
> - it can initialize a real CD-ROM and boot it (useful for example in 
> case your BIOS does not support booting from CD-ROM; also useful if you 
> just booted and decided to boot now from CD-ROM)
> - it can chainload an FreeDOS, DR-DOS, MS-DOS... kernel.sys directly
> - it can also chainload Win9x and WinNT directly
> - you can start grub4dos from within DOS (just after start or when 
> unloaded incompatible TSR`s)
> - grub4dos can be also started from within NT bootloader
> - when started it removes the old operating system (such as FreeDOS) 
> from the memory can start a new one
> - sure grub4dos can be also direclty booted (not only thought DOS or NT 
> or Linux)
> - just like for grub it`s no problem for grub to boot from floppy, 
> CD-ROM or USB (if the BIOS does support booting these devices)
> Note:
> Floppy / Iso Emulation works well with most 16 bit operating systems 
> such as FreeDOS. Some 32 bit operating systems (such as Windows XP or 
> Puppy Linux) don`t like this. You can not download a Puppy Linux 
> bootable iso, store it on your harddisk, emulate it with grub4dos and 
> use it. However, it`s bootable. But after the 32 bit operating system 
> uses it`s own controller driver it will crash because it loses 
> connection to the virtual device.
> - The manual can be found here: 
> http://grub4dos.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
> - An English forum: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showforum=66
> Any questions can be asked in the forums or on their mailing list. You 
> can also try the Chinese forum and a Chinese translator (never tested 
> myself).
> PS:
> If you want to chainload a bootsector from an USB device and your BIOS 
> does not support booting USB directly then you may try PLoP Bootmanager 
> (http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html) (freeware, closed source)

Forgot to say... The most recent versions are a bit hidden but important
to use them instant of the old ones:

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