Hey Jim!

Jim Hall schrieb:
> Hi. I just grabbed the latest version of Grub4dos to look at it. You
> need to distribute source code for this, at the same time you release
> the binary. You acknowledge that Grub4dos is a fork of Grub, so must
> follow the GNU GPL. But you do not abide by it here.
> Section 3 of the GNU GPL (see "COPYING" in your grub4dos-0.4.3.zip file) says:

Sorry if my posting was a bit confusing so you thought that I am a 
grub4dos developer.

To clarify this:
I am not a grub4dos developer as in 20.05.2008.
I am only satisfied end user and also have no privilege contact with them.

If you want the grub4dos developers to know that please mail them 
directly, use the mailinglist or the chinese forum.


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