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RR >Bonnie Dalzell wrote:
RR >
RR >> Can freedos mount this disk image and use it rather than the floppy disk
RR >> in question?
RR >> 
RR >> If so, how do you mount the disk image?
RR >
RR >There's a third party software called E0X available from
RR ><http://kannegieser.net/veit/programm/index_e.htm>, which allows to
RR >substitute your floppy drive with an image file before starting a
RR >desired program, e.g., command.com. I never tried it on FreeDOS, but it
RR >worked fine on MS-DOS for me.

Thanks for the tip. The program seems to be in an .arj format. What is 
.arj and how does one unpack it?

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This SF.net email is sponsored by: Microsoft
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