While perusing the freedos site, I noticed a link to EUPHORIA; downloaded it, 
and was impressed.
So I decided to download the GUI software recommended for use with it, called 
win32lib. When I
selected the newest version, the newest for windows, it was a zipfolder. When I 
right clicked it and
clicked 'extract all', the wizard started up as usual. After a couple of 
steps,however, I was stumped
by a dialog box asking for a password!! Yet, if I clicked 'explore' on the 
zipfolder, I was able to open
the files with no problem. Since I didn't even get that far, I can't even tell 
if this thing has a self in-
staller. I also tried asking in the obvious place, that runs the win32lib deal, 
but there I was stymied by
"you must be a supervisor of the project to talk to us". Perhaps someone out 
there can help
             Thank You,
              [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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