> >>>> 2008/05/23 18:15 +0200, Mateusz Viste >>>>
> You could also use the ALIAS command, you wouldn't need separate files
> for all your programs anymore.
> <<<<<<<<

> Is this as good as VMS s use of environmental symbols, better than the
> Unix-shell alias because the OS also uses it? An alias that worked at the
> level at which PATH works would be wunderful.

Alias in freecom command.com just does string substitution
before the command is actually processed, as far as I remember.

You can probably ALIAS ls into dir (where dir is inside the
shell) and you can probably ALIAS shuffle into sort (where
sort is a tool which can be found in the PATH) :-). Examples:

alias inf=for %%f in (readm* *.txt *.do? *.diz *.me) do pg %%f
alias ssh=ssh2dos -t vt100 -v -n -g
alias filemave=c:\tools\fmaven\fm3
alias reboot=fdapm warmboot
alias MAKE=echo use tcmake or gnumake please. Make arguments:

The file maven alias is useful because the fmaven directory
is not in my PATH. So it has remote similarity to a symlink.


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