I made a little 'experiment'.
(1) created a virtual machine
(2) formated the virtual harddisk with fat32 with Windows XP setup
(3) installed Windows XP
(4) copied all files (gldr and such) from the directory 
grub4dos-0.4.3-2008-05-02 to C:\
(5) added in C:\boot.ini
C:\grldr="Start GRUB4DOS"
(6) copied FreeDOS files (kernel.sys and command.com) to C:\
(7) tested if I could dual boot XP and FreeDOS - worked

(8) installed TrueCrypt 5.1a
(9) selected to encrypt system disk with TrueCrypt (whole drive)
(10) made pretest
(11) not started to encrypt, only the 'bootguard' was installed

(12) restarted and selected grub4dos at nt bootloader
(13) attempted to start FreeDOS (kernel.sys) - did not work - computer 
restarted very fast automatically. I could read "FreeDOS Kernel" before 
but the computer restarts so fast I can not press pause and read any 
other output.

Any idea?

You can see it as a 'bug report'. Because I could read 'FreeDOS Kernel' 
(the kernel started) but then the system rebooted without any error 
message or error handling.

Maybe you are interested in what I wanted to test.... So some lines about.
I *suspect* TrueCrypt hooks the BIOS interrupt with the encryption 
driver in stage one (stage two would be hooking the windows 32 bit 
controller driver). So I thought if FreeDOS would use the (hooked) BIOS 
interrupt also it could access the same encrypted disk.


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