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Hello Nedmark

Eric sent me copy of your message, as I'm not suscript to
mail list freedos-user

The win32lib library file at

And the IDE file at:

Don't need any password. Simply download and open
with 7-zip.  The are simple zip files and don't include any
install wizard. The wizard you see depends on the software
you are using to open the files.

Also note that now is on development a new version of
euphoria 4.0.  The main change is a new set of standar libraries
(the main at /include ), and a better namespace system.

You can send euphoria specific questions to euforum:

Also note, for DOS programming, I strongly suggest you EE Editor (include
source) and the library DOS32LIB (a DOS partial port of Win32lib).  Can can make
very nice GUI programs on text or graphics modes.

> > Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 09:24:05 -0700 (PDT)
> > From: Tipi Nedmark <nedmark57 yahoo...>
> > To:
> > Subject: extraction wizard bug(?) with win32lib GUI for euphoria.

> While perusing the freedos site, I noticed a link to EUPHORIA;
> downloaded it, and was impressed. So I decided to download the GUI
> software recommended for use with it, called win32lib. When I selected
> the newest version, the newest for windows, it was a zipfolder. When I
> right clicked it and clicked 'extract all', the wizard started up as
> usual. After a couple of steps,however, I was stumped by a dialog box
> asking for a password!! Yet, if I clicked 'explore' on the zipfolder, I
> was able to open the files with no problem. Since I didn't even get that
> far, I can't even tell if this thing has a self in- staller. I also
> tried asking in the obvious place, that runs the win32lib deal, but
> there I was stymied by "you must be a supervisor of the project to talk
> to us". Perhaps someone out there can help

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