> > Unfortunately FreeDOS does not support Win9x.

Well there are 2 ways of "support": Win9x includes
MS DOS 7 so you should only RUN it in MS DOS 7...

But you can start the INSTALLERS of various Windows
versions from within other DOS :-). I think what you
are trying to do is boot DOS from diskette because
your BIOS cannot boot from cdrom directly? In that
case you can use a grub4dos or btmgr (smart boot
manager) boot diskette which boots your cdrom for
you. Or you can use a FreeDOS boot diskette to run
the setup program of Win9x, but then you will have
to take care to use a suitable configuration.

For example loading only HIMEM but no EMM386 would be
a suggestion, and loading only a minimum collection
of other drivers. Try whether loading or not loading
SHARE works better. For cdrom drivers, try xcdrom or
uide and shsucdx. If you have them, compare whether
Win9x prefers MSCDEX and the cdrom drivers included
in a Win9x boot diskette. The contents of such a boot
diskette should also be somewhere on the Win9x cdrom
so you can copy them, but this is just a guess :-).


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