Hi :-)

> > - TASM evendata pads with 0, JWASM even pads with 0fch
> >   I do not know how to change this, I just used "db 0".

Maybe it is context sensitive in TASM, 0 in .data and nop in .code?
I believe NASM has a whole range of ways to align things, including
"pad with user-specified value" and "pick a multi byte noop machine
code instruction where appropriate" but you would have to check the
docs which is selected when and which syntax overrides. As for the
MASM implementation - dunno, too long since I last used MASM ;-).

About the "direction" of same-op and xchg instructions: Can you
add a syntax for the "reverse" variant? Afair NASM has this, to
make it possible for users to control the byte-exact machine
language generated as some exotic apps may need that...

> > - cmp ax, valuebelow128 uses "cmp ax,word" in TASM but
> >   I cannot make JWASM do that - it uses "cmp ax,byte"
> > - adc ax,0 has the same problem as cmp ax,4 ...
> Masm allows "cmp ax,word ptr 0" to force it to use the non-sign-
> extended version, but this doesn't work yet in JWasm.

I think this would be pretty useful - the word sized variant
of that is popular for self modifying code where "constants"
are updated later...

> > - macro options can be of type "rest" and "vararg" only in TASM
> Masm syntax allows VARARG as a parameter qualifier:

Okay then it seems JWasm does not allow it yet ;-)

> > - JWASM seems to have pretty bad support for "record" bitfields,
> >   I had to remove most references to them to avoid broken code

Check the jw-* files in the ctmouse jwasm port: TASM seems to
let you write constants as combinations of variable names and
lists of elements to fill in for their bitfield. Elements can
be skipped and can have default values, as in ",,1,0,,3". You
can also write lists of elementname=value to describe the value
of a bitfield variable, it seems. With JWasm, you get either an
error message or the value 0 in most cases I believe ;-). Good
examples are the out_ macro invocations I had to replace...

> > - you cannot say ERRIF in JWASM
> there are various .ERRxx directives in Masm.

Ah okay... TASM does not use the dot here.

Thanks for the other comments :-)


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