iw2evk schrieb:
> It's possible under freedos 1.0 put the drivers in XMS insted UMB?
> Can be used cloaking.exe , and in wich modality?
> many thanks in advance.
> Roberto iw2evk


I had some time ago a similar suggestion. Loading into EMS/XMS would be 
a bad idea because more outdated applications use EMS/XMS.

But the idea to load drivers into high memory in general is great.

It`s possible for a very rare collection of drivers already. Such 
drivers are called Jemm Loadable Modules, see

Unfortunately it`s not possible to load just any existing driver into 
high memory. No one has the knowledge and the motivation to write such 
an converter.

Many old drivers are closed source, abandoned or have less motivated 
developers. Otherwise them would have been converted into Jemm Loadable 
Modules already.


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