Hi Robert!

> > present ctmouse 2.1 beta 4 :-). This is a version
> > with debugging output in the PS2 config stuff.
> Is this the debugging output or is it garbage?

> CuteMouse v2.1 beta4 [FreeDOS]
> <5/3 0/3><3/3 0/3><4/3 0/0><7/@ 0/@><7/0 0/0><4/0 0/0>Installed at PS/2
> port
> <7/3 0/3><0/1 0/1><2/5 0/5>

This is debugging output about the mouse and/or wheel detection.
Note that you can also get debugging output later when the mouse
(-pointer) is switched on or off by an app. I plan to add some
test tool which lets you script PS/2 communication as batch file
at a later point, then the debug output can be removed again.

The tool will take AL and BH (what else?) for int 15.c2 as command
line argument and will display returned register values (only those
which are documented to be relevant after int 15.c2). Maybe there
will also be a command line option to select one of the registers
to be returned as errorlevel (default: carry / error status?) or
to enable "repeat on error-please-retry". For some reason ctmouse
never handles please-retry but I do not know whether it would be
worth the overhead...? Are there other suggestions for the tool?

> > Compared to beta 3, it adds support for...

> Why is this text not in "doc\ctmouse\history.txt"?

Because I had focused on the source code and had forgotten that
history.txt is in the zip at all. If you find more problems,
please let me know...!

Eric :-)

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