Hi Per,

> We're using FreeDOS in a few different systems.


>  And we're having an issue where partition tables get a bit funky.

Can you explain in more detail?

> Bug 1945 (*Bug* 1945* LBA* support may not be detected correcty

I assume that is a bug in FDISK? I recommend using XFDISK or
SPFDISK which are also free, or using another OS to partition.
The FreeDOS kernel itself, as well as for example lbacache,
should detect and use LBA without problems. You can use the
SYS tool to patch a kernel config variable (SYS CONFIG /?
explains how) to force it to always use / never use LBA :-).
Both cache and kernel (before loading other files) should also
show messages about their disk detection results :-).

> However the bug service seems to be down

Indeed... Damage in the power supply for some servers afaik?


PS: If you use FAT16, make sure to use the partition type
for FAT16-LBA to use LBA... Win9x can try LBA even if your
partition is marked as CHS - FreeDOS is less guess-happy.

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