Hi Clinton,

> Well, somebody has gotta write a shuffle mode MP3 playing
> program for FreeDOS.

A good media player for DOS is MPXPLAY, but I do not know
whether you like the shuffle it probably has :-).

> Because many business have opted to listen to conventional radio
> stations to provide music for the workplaces. But instead I want
> businesses to recycle older computers to play workplace music
> from. And I want FreeDOS to be used at the operating system for
> the older computers that can't run up-to-date software.

Conventional radio uses far less electricity than any computer,
but in some countries you have to pay to be allowed to let your
employees listen to conventional radio. However, portable mp3
players have 100s of times better energy efficiency compared to
any PC, and their prices are similar to those for USB sticks or
SD cards of a few GB size, fair enough :-).


PS: If your workplace involves a computer, then of course it is
a good idea to run your mp3 player software on the PC you are
using at your work anyway :-)).

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