Eric Auer schrieb:
>> Just as exercise you could first convert
>> he latest cutemouse into a JLM
> You misunderstood me. I want a JLM which talks
> to the real BIOS and/or hardware on one end and
> pretends to be a PS2 BIOS mouse on the other.

Ok, I got it. Thought you 'only' planed to improve your existing 
cutemouse development.

>> I have a logitech mx518 optical mouse with the
>> main features two buttons and one wheel.
> Those will be supported by ctmouse 2.1beta4 already,
> please try that first...

Yes, it was working also already in past versions.

>> Plus a lot extra buttons I am not using that much on Windows.

Little mistake, I wanted to write I am NOT using that much on Windows.

> Wow 8 buttons: Forward, Back, Scrollup, Scrolldown, Menu
> plus 3 usual buttons ;-). And 1800/800/400dpi resolution.

Yes, at some point in past I got bugged by a inaccurate mouse resulting 
in a little overreaction (purchasing the best mouse and mouse pad at 
this time. :)).

>> Can't imagine how these other buttons could become
>> useful for me in DOS as there is no much application
>> development. It's connected by a USB to PS2 converter.
> That should work, but indeed the question is what you
> or other people would do with the extra buttons in DOS.
> I mean you could load some TSR which lets you simulate
> keyboard keypresses by mouse buttons, would that help?

Don't know. My fantasia about this is very limited.

 > How
 > many wheels and buttons does that cordless mouse have?
The really used ones is just two button and one wheel. Fine enough for 
me anyway.

>> My second input device is medion/logitech USB idr
>> receiver and a cordless mouse I am using for remote
>> control from sofa. :) So I vote for USB mouse/keyboard
>> support.
> Your BIOS should already support those and make them
> visible to DOS as "normal PS/2" devices anyway...

But in fact my BIOS has no feature for USB to PS2 emulation. I think 
this might be because there is still a PS2 port on my board. You said 
once only in case there are no more real ps2 ports on a board the BIOS 
may be forced to provide this feature - I haven't verified this, but it 
sounds very logical and probabilistic.


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