Hi again,

> > However, devload will still not be perfect:  Some
> > drivers only have full performance if you load them
> > before you load any command.com for the first time

> Could you reach the same state 'not loaded any command.com'
> by unloading command.com before and then it could become perfect?

You cannot unload command.com and I meant performance
things such as "you better load himem and emm386 before
the rest" - because they give you HMA (for kernel and
buffers) and UMB (for loading stuff high). The kernel
will not even try to move itself and buffers from the
DOS RAM into HMA after you load command.com and it is
quite okay that it works like that.

I think you somehow want to tell that config sys is not
user friendly enough and that you want to use a batch
file instead - maybe we should just make config sys a
bit more flexible instead of doing complex stuff like
"semi-reboot command.com and kernel during devload" ;-)

> By the way, what about devload /unload <..>?

There are separate tools for that. Device drivers are
not made to be unloaded, so you can only unload them
if you have a mark / relase style tool which records
some system state before you load a driver and lets
you restore hopefully the right part of the state at
the moment when you wipe / "unload" that driver later.

If you want to unload something, it should better not
be a device driver... A normal TSR might even already
have some option to unload itself :-). Then you need
no extra ram for record/restore state and have no risk
that a mark-release tool might restore "wrong style".


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