On Wednesday 25 June 2008, Anton Shepelev wrote:
>     The author of mpxplay didn't answer me, so hereby am asking if there's 
> another way  to  cope  with  the  problem.  I  am  not familliar with how an 
> OS works but maybe there's a way to scan and log all that the OS does 

No, there's no such possibility in FreeDOS :-)

>     so as to understand the cause  of so strange a performance problem? No 
> idea what else to try  to find why it is so slow...

I am sure that the problem is coming from your sound card (or rather from the 
way mpxplay use it).
I would try with various sound card parameters (irq, dma, sound settings in the 
BIOS...), or even try another (external) sound card to compare performances.

Mateusz Viste
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