Hi Mutant Mut,

nice to hear that Novell Netware 6.1 and MarsNwe 0.99
(in Netware 3.11 mode) 16bit IPX nwclient 4.13 file
access does work with FreeDOS 1.0, kernel 2036cvs of
8/2006 and FreeCOM shell 0.84pre2... Well, ALMOST.

LSL ODI 2.20 / odi9008, ne2000 or o2000 NIC driver
(ODI, I assume?) and IPXODI as basis for VLM 1.21 and
the Netware login tool looks intuitive, but maybe you
can tune things with http://lazybrowndog.net/freedos/

For example: does it make a difference whether and
which memory drivers you use? Maybe HIMEM (or HIMEMX
from japheth.de) without any EMM386 is a good choice:
Enough DOS RAM, XMS and HMA free, but no EMS / UMB
compatibility issues... If thinks work better WITH
EMM386 (or JEMM386, also from Japheth), this would
also be interesting to know :-).

> MS-DOS clients can do all manipulations on each server
> - write, read, execute (of course where policy allows it).

> FreeDOS clients can read and write only, but they can
> not run most of applications [for example FoxPro...]
> when freedos tries to run application on the server,
> nothing happens or Phar Lap Err 45 (Can't open EXP file).

Interesting. Did you try if it helps to load the SHARE
TSR? Maybe you have a network file locking / sharing
issue here. You could also try if using another shell
instead of FreeCOM command.com helps. For example you
can try 4DOS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4DOS

A next step would be to let you run some debugging tools
to see why exactly running exe files from the server does
not work in FreeDOS... You say that you can not run MOST
applications - does that mean that some do work fine? Can
you find out what the difference between those which work
and those which do not is? For example do only EXE or only
COM files work? Or only such with a certain DOS extender?

Or does it for example depend on the file sizes? Can you
copy apps to local disks or does even that fail sometimes?
Does it make a difference whether you use LH (LOADHIGH, it
might help even if no UMB free) LOADFIX to run your apps?

> p.s originally posted in faq

The FAQ does not send mail to anybody, so it is a question
of luck whether any DOS networking experienced user sees
the item and answers it... Good that you asked on the list
as well :-).


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