2008/6/3 Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi Robert,
> I remember some old "driver in protected mode" and cloaking
> related stuff from the old days but only few drivers did
> support it afair? So I would suggest that we just take our
> new open source drivers and turn those which really need
> a lot of RAM into JLM modules for JEMM386. The interface
> is a bit like DLL and DPMI, you can for example hook any
> DOS interrupt and let the handler reside outside the first
> megabyte :-). Typical candidates would be DOSLFN, SHSUCDX,
> SHARE, DISPLAY, but the latter is a bit tricky as it does
> have to show the font data in DOS-accessible RAM sometimes.

In most times: every time someone calls the video mode change function
at int 10h. You could actually hook the call, and before going into it
then: alloc somewhere 12Kb of memory (from DOS?), then use XMS
functions to recall data back, and finally do the usual DISPLAY
stuff... but looks like quite prone to failures to me.


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