I always looked for a text editor which would be maximally similar to the 
Microsoft's one (I have been using MS-DOS for years, so I just "know" MS-EDIT). 
I didn't found any, so I decided to start writing my own!
MSEDIT stands for "Mateusz's Saucy Editor". It's written in FreeBASIC, and 
released on the GNU/GPL licence. It's not fully useable yet, as the project is 
in a highly-alpha stage, but it should evolve quickly.
I released a first "preview" version today. It doesn't allow to save files, and 
the menu isn't working yet, but you may launch it to see what it looks like, or 
just use it to read files :-)
Any comments (about the idea itself, or the programming style, or anything) 
would be welcome ;-)


Mateusz Viste
You'll find my public OpenPGP key at http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/pub_key

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