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> Are there any freedos compatible programs to test
> my Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard?  I'm having trouble
> getting Fedora Core 9 to work on it.  Dirk Dashing
> randomly slows way down.  I'm also having sound
> problems.  I'm wondering if this is a software
> issue, but I can't rule out hardware failure.

According to http://support.intel.com/design/motherbd/bt2/index.htm
this board has AC97 audio. You might be able to test with MPXPLAY,
a nice mp3 player for DOS which supports some AC97 soundcards, too.

The board supports Pentium4 and Celeron - pretty old stuff,
you should try a Core2Duo or Athlon64x2ee :-). It can use DDR
RAM, up to 2 GB, i845PE chipset, SMSC LPC47M172 multi I/O,
AGP 4x 1.5V graphics, SIL 3112A SATA (only 2 drives, RAID0/1),
USB, LPT, COM, IDE UDMA100, floppy, PS/2, PCI slots.

You could run www.memtest.org/ memtest86+ from a boot
disk or boot CD or from DOS. When you run it in DOS,
you can load HIMEM but cannot load EMM386. Only RAM
and your main CPU core (no HT) will be tested that
way. Testing SATA, IDE, floppy, printer port, serial
port, PS/2 and USB should be straightforward - just
use them and see if they work :-).

http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ also has a nice list of
test tools for DOS and Linux, including several hard
disk diagnostic tools.

Eric :-)

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