On Tuesday 15 July 2008, Jim Hall wrote:
> Just grabbed it. (...) But the paddle control seems awfully jumpy - I would 
> try to move my paddle up a little bit, and it would jump all the way to the 
> top. Only happens sometimes.


Honestly, I didn't tested it on DOSemu. I will that test soon, maybe I can 
reproduce it.
EmPong is strongly basing on RDTSC cycles (at least in the DOS version). Does 
DOSemu emulate this? EmPong is also using time-calculated moves, so if it 
doesn't loop for a long time (say, several ms), and he see that a key is 
pressed, he just assumes that the key has been pressed for the whole time. 
Then, it moves the paddle accordingly to the time the key (he thinks) has been 
Maybe your system is slowing down EmPong too much (typical for some CPU 
Frequency Scaling implementations...), or it doesn't give EmPong as many cycles 
as it needs?
Do you have this behavior even on the lowest resolution (320x240)?
A good advice would be "use the EmPong version matching your real platform" ;-)

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Mateusz Viste
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