> if someone search a fdisk with GUI,
> can try super fdisk from easeus com.
> free download from:
> http://www.tucows.com/preview/361621

Main page seems to be:


Superfdisk is freeware but they also
sell several other disk related tools,
nice combination...  In particular,
the Superfdisk is the DOS version of
partition-tool.com / EaseUs partition
manager, which is free for home use
as well. Their non-home versions also
add Win2003 support. Superfdisk does
mention FreeDOS in their FAQ here:


Their warranty page tells that it can
be expected that you do daily backups,
that there is _no_ warranty, and that
superfdisk is really FREE :-). It even
comes "with a limited [hmm?] version of
FreeDOS", which they describe as free,
not superfdisk related and no warranty:



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