david lowe schrieb:
> I am wondering if it's possible (and allowed) to burn the FreeDOS OS on a cd, 
> instead of preparing to install it to my hard drive.  I want to use it to use 
> it primarily as a bootdisk and to scan and repair for errors.  I don't plan 
> on installing just yet, because I 
> need to do a major overhaul on my system.  I've found trojans in my _Restore 
> database, and I can't view more than three windows in IE before it crashes.  
> WinME has poor support online.

Freedos is Free Software. Read the licence or in short read the wiki 

You have the right to do almost everything you want. In your case it's 
very much allowed to burn/install/copy wherever you want. So far about 
the legal part.

I recommend you to use CD-RW and a virtualizer for your tests. DOS on CD 
is no problem. But personally I prefer more to have bootable USB with 
DOS instant of CD because it's more easy to modify/update.

If you want it on CD first create a (virtual) bootable floppy image. 
Later burn it on CD using fdd emulation boot. Or use grub4dos or memdisk 
to emulate the bootable floppy. The most easy way for single boot would 
be to burn such a floppy image with nero.


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