Hi David:

It is straightforward to create a bootable FreeDOS CD.  I think the easiest way 
to do it
is to take a floppy disk image and boot that from the CD.  This restricts the 
boot image
to 1.44MBytes (or 2.88MBytes if you get tricky).  However, you can add a CD-ROM 
and then add a lot of files.

Some years ago, I spent a while learning how to dual-boot FreeDOS and Windows.  
part of that work, I developed a lot of bootable CD's for MSDOS and FreeDOS.

I did this from Windows computers, some which lack floppy drives.  For a 
description of how I did this, including the free tools I used, see:


This is one way to do it - I think about the easiest if you are creating the 
CD's from
a Windows computer.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.


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From: david lowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I am wondering if it's possible (and allowed) to burn the FreeDOS OS on a cd, 
> instead of preparing to install it to my hard drive.  I want to use it to use 
> it 
> primarily as a bootdisk and to scan and repair for errors.  I don't plan on 
> installing just yet, because I 
> need to do a major overhaul on my system.  I've found trojans in my _Restore 
> database, and I can't view more than three windows in IE before it crashes.  
> WinME has poor support online.

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