On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 1:09 PM, Michael Reichenbach
> I like especially to see Jim's opinion here.
> The question is what are the goals of the FreeDOS project and what not...
> Is the goal to become only a 100 % MS-DOS replacement or also higher
> goals? Like to become an alternative for desktop end users, a competitor
> to windows/linux?

I think others have already done a good job of answering this for me
in the thread! :-) Yes, the first goal of FreeDOS is to be an MS-DOS
replacement. I think we pretty much met that goal with the "FreeDOS
1.0" release in September 2006. Maybe not 100% MS-DOS alike, but we
have a very solid DOS version.

FreeDOS as a competitor to Windows or Linux in the desktop or "server"
space isn't a realistic goal, I'm afraid. That ship has sailed. In its
current form, I imagine FreeDOS is used mostly in VM environments,
probably running old DOS apps or old DOS games (I use FreeDOS under
Linux DOSEmu to plan my favorite classic DOS games, for example.)
However, I do like to look at the future of FreeDOS (2.0 and beyond)
as a very nice desktop - just a good environment for system to surf
the web, do email, use some apps in an easy-to-use setting. IMO, it
would be nice to have some UNIX-like stuff to help with crossover from
Linux users.

On my personal page (www.freedos.org/jhall) I have some thoughts for
"post 1.1" but I don't want to repeat them here so not to distract the
"1.1" thread. Let's focus on "2.0" after we have a "1.1".

> Do you consider big enhancements on the website?
> Or do you want just to continue all like the current state?

Do you mean to ask if I'm planning any major changes to the web site?
Or if I would consider any requests made from you guys, the user

Actually, it's both, sort of. I'm planning a series of small updates
to the www.freedos.org that will provide some cleanup and additional
organization. Hopefully nothing very noticeable. That should put me in
a good position to do a major improvement on the content, especially
on the front page. I am working with some web usability consultants
locally in my area who are helping to provide some free advice.
Nothing shocking, nothing too heavy, but I want to improve the look
and navigation of the site.

I'm always open to suggestions on the site. As people have asked for
new things, I try to incorporate them on the site as best I can. If
you would like to recommend an improvement, please send it to me! :-)

> I am asking this because of a upcoming project called nevasca. It's
> basically about to create a new operating system ("distro"), an
> alternative to windows/linux. Currently everything is in planing and
> discussing stage and about to talk with people likely to support the
> project in any way.
> The first homepage is http://www.nevasca.co.nr and the forum's website
> is http://nevascaproject.proboards85.com

I'm presenting at Penguicon 7.0 next year on how to start an open
source project, and how to build community. If you like, please email
me off-list and maybe I can offer some email advice to help you get
started. :-)

I looked at your web site, and I commend you for starting with a
mock-up of your GUI before you write code. Very nice!


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