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> Hi Flox,
>> read this post from the author of Mpxplay :-(
>> https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=5128817
> Dunno if Arachne supports https, so I better paste it ;-)
> The post mentions that Emu10k SB PCI / SB Live 24 Audio LS
> support got added, other cards from that family planned,
> but there is a "by the way" about the future of DOS MPXPLAY:
>> it seems DOS users are less and less, and I don't think so that I can
>> add too much for the DOS version of the Mpxplay (and I have/had too much
>> problems with the LFNs, WATTCP (network) and with the extenders (ie:
>> trying to play videos)).
>> Rather I'll continue the developing in a Win-GUI version. This means
>> the end of the DOS development, because the GUI version requires a
>> very different program structure and code than the current console
>> version(s). So, probably this Mpxplay version will be the last DOS
>> version (but I'll try to correct all bugs in it, before the final
>> version)...
> My personal opinion here is that MPXPLAY is very nice for DOS
> users because it supports many soundcards :-). The ability to
> use network and video would not be a main issue for me. Maybe
> Attila can continue updating the sound drivers for DOS while
> focusing on Windows for the video support?
> Eric

Depending on the licensing scheme for mpxplay, someone else can
continue developing the dos version.  The sad thing about developing
a Windows version is that ReactOS, the only free Windows clone I know
about, is years away from being something that is usable.  There just
aren't enough developers.  Windows 9x is something better than a dos
extender, but noone wants to develop a free replacement for that.
This is too bad, there is a lot of dos/9x software that doesn't work
well in NT.  Even dosbox falls short in a lot of cases.  Open source
software is not as author dependent as traditional commercial software,
but a lot of people fail to understand this and they give up on an OSS
project when it's author quits.

Is the sound card support built into mpxplay?  If it is, that's too bad.
Generic support for post dos sound cards is sorely needed.

      Michael C. Robinson

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