> In reference to MS-DOS, Win3.11, Win95/98/ME compatibility...

> DOSBox has a relatively good compatibility, even Win3.11, Win95 and
> Win98 are marked to work in DOSBox.

> Could you copy & paste some of the missing functions in FreeDOS out of
> DOSBox source code?

One of the main issues with running WfW 3.11 in FreeDOS is
that it tries to make the kernel "reentrant". Simply speaking,
Windows tries to make DOS able to run several times at the
same time. Because Dosbox does not really have a DOS kernel
at all - it just translates DOS kernel requests to calls to
the host operating system (Windows or Linux) - this is easier
to do for DOSbox than for a real DOS.

As said, we do already have experimental WfW 3.11 compatibility
patches in the unstable kernel branch of FreeDOS. If you want
to try them, you can install the "winkernel" of FreeDOS 1.0 :-).


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