Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi Michael,
>>>> In reference to MS-DOS, Win3.11, Win95/98/ME compatibility...
>>>> DOSBox has a relatively good compatibility, even Win3.11...
>>>> Could you copy & paste some of the missing functions in FreeDOS
>>>> out of DOSBox source code?
>>> One of the main issues with running WfW 3.11 in FreeDOS is
>>> that it tries to make the kernel "reentrant"...
> [which is easy for dosbox because it has no real dos kernel]
>> Ok, thanks for explanation. What about any other missing
>> functions? Is there nothing you could re use?
> Well... If you find something - apart from WfW 3.11 - that
> works better in dosbox than in freedos, then we can start
> and check if any dosbox functionality related to this can
> be copied into freedos :-). Checking the list on:
> - I see you list "exiting the OpenWatcom WD debugger after
>   debugging a DOS extended app crashes" here - please check
>   if it also happens in other DOS. If not, please add a bug
>   report on - thanks!

Sorry I can't comment on this because I have zero clue. Japheth added
this entry.

> - country, nlsfunc: does dosbox support that? does it have chcp?
>   As the unstable branch of the freedos kernel already has it,
>   it will be easier to take from there than from dosbox, I guess.

Don't know.

> - config sys menu: does dosbox support that??

Doubt that because DOSBox doesn't even need config.sys.

> - int 21.4b05 set execution state - would be interesting to
>   see how dosbox implements this, but I have no idea which
>   apps actually use it...?
> - support for big files: for which apps is this useful?
>   if dosbox supports it, it is definitely useful to have
>   a look how they implement it, to stay compatible :-)

Don't know.

> - japanese chinese korean chars: does dosbox support that??

No idea.

> - close by property / list open files: either kernel or share,
>   but main question is probably: which apps actually use it?
>   (int 21.5dnn) - Similar for possibly missing int 2f functions.

Don't know.

> - boot from non primary partition: I have a patch, but who
>   wants to try it?

Sounds great.

> needs the current fedora grub boot menu.

Why? Isn't this a bit weak to have a dependency to fedora?

> - what else?

Well, I can't tell you the details. I was pretty sure if a FreeDOS
developer would look into the DOSBox source code he would see what
things could be useful to be ported. ;)

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